DIR Project

National project of OPIS PO2 programme

Digital Resources – Web harvesting and e-Born Content Archiving is a project focused on the harvesting, processing and storing of digital online resources as an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Slovak Republic by building an adequate hardware and application infrastructure for archiving of websites and e-Born (born digital) documents.

National project Digital Resources – Web Harvesting and e-Born Content Archiving is supported by EU structural funds – reference document Operational Programme Informatization of the Society.

Implementation: 01. 04. 2015 – 31. 12. 2015 (application development, ICT installation, pilot harvests).

The goals of the national project Digital Resources – Web harvesting and E-Born Content Archiving are acquisition, processing, trusted storing and making available the original Slovak digital resources: web pages, e-books and e- serials. We focus on documents that are a fragile and threatened part of the intangible cultural heritage due to their intangible nature.

Archiving of slovacical content – archiving websites of .sk domain, foreign web sites that contain Slovak or Slovakia related content or authors who are Slovaks or are otherwise related to Slovakia. The harvest processes are governed by copyright legislation and respect server settings (robots.txt) so that they do not affect the site’s availability.

Public content access is based on a contract with the author (the license agreement is posted on the web deposit site) or Creative Commons licenses. We offer feedback and participation in expanding the archived content to the public using the online form.

The advanced catalogue structure enables registering of Born Digital titles published online and registered in the ISSN system.

Archived content is catalogued using an automated web browsing process and manual MARC format metadata enrichment. It is available via the public portal.

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